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This website was created for broadcaster Angela Mezzetti to advertise her media company, Ocarina and showcase video and other rich media content.

Claire is imaginative, engaging and easy to convey ideas to. Claire gets people to think about integrating social media and website with multiple tools to make business work better and to drive engagement with a brand.
She has a particular attention to detail that is rare and will follow a project through to completion, managing changes en route to deliver the project on time and within budget.


The purpose of this site was to advertise Ocarina’s media production and training services.


  • Angie has a diverse range of clients, but primarily serves the health sector – both public and private.
  • Angie was using a content management system that she found difficult to update or add content to.
  • As well as increasing the cost of website hosting, large video files can increase the loading times of website pages considerably, having a negative impact on search engine rankings.


  • The first stage of this project was to renovate Angie’s existing site and make it more fit for purpose, rearranging content and improving the visual design before innovating on a new design.
  • I designed a responsive, mobile-first site for Angie, to improve the experience for tablet visitors and future proof her business.
  • As Angie intended on updating the site regularly she wanted a simple interface and powerful content management system that she could learn to use herself, I recommended a site built with WordPress.

Visit the Ocarina Productions website.


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