Dublin UX Meetup with John Craddock

CSS Architecture

The Dublin UX Meetup group is a fantastic resource for anyone working in interaction design. Last week, they played host to Dr. John Craddock – Head of Development…


Fierce Clever

Fierce Clever is a web and user experience design agency, based in Dublin. I set up Fierce Clever in 2011 and since then, have delivered dozens of website…


Live and Breathe Pilates

Client Live and Breathe Pilates are a Pilates studio based in Camden Row, Dublin and owned by Steph Grey. Objectives Live and Breathe needed a complete website redesign…


Evil UX Practices

When you walk into a supermarket you are typically greeted by the smell of fresh baked bread or the sight of row upon row of colourful, fragrant vegetables….


Tips for Low Fidelity Wireframing

Fancy prototyping and wireframing software comes and goes but sketching is still the ultimate design communication tool. Some tips for low fidelity wireframing: Start rough and refine. Use…

Chimp brain via wikimedia

Unconscious Bias in Design

Although we all like to consider ourselves completely objective, we each are prey to a whole host of assumptions, thought patterns and preferences that affect our decisions and…

Michael Regan

Rent Our Apartments

Client Rent Our Apartments are a group of private apartment owners, looking to rent out their apartments for short-term holiday lets in Murcia, Spain. Objectives Rent Our Apartments…

English Fashion Designer Peter Russell, via Wikimedia

Newstalk: The Business of Design

This podcast from Ireland’s Newstalk fm discusses the business side of design in Ireland, from high street fashion and design education to manufacturing. “The function of design is…

design is a job book cover

Book Review: Design is a Job

Mike Monteiro’s irreverent “Design is a Job” is the only self-help book any designer will ever need. Full of practical advice such as how to network effectively, what…

Angie Mezzetti bio

Ocarina Productions

Client This website was created for broadcaster Angela Mezzetti to advertise her media company, Ocarina and showcase video and other rich media content. Claire is imaginative, engaging and…