Creating Screenshots in Firefox

Since Firefox 16, you can easily take full page screenshots of your active web page. This means no more cropping the edges out in Photoshop or using third party apps to quickly capture what’s onscreen.

How to get a screenshot of your entire web page in Firefox:

Screenshot command

On your keyboard, hold down Shift and F2 to open the Developer Toolbar in Firefox. Alternatively, you can go to Tools > Web Developer > Developer Toolbar

Enter the screenshot command in the bar that pops up and choose a filename for your screenshot and any further options required (e.g. --fullpage, --clipboard etc).

For a fullpage screenshot (i.e. not just the visible part of the webpage) you would use the following command:

screenshot samplefilename --fullpage

Files will be saved as png images. You can even delay the screenshot for a set number of seconds by using the –delay option.


Tip: Once you’ve opened up the toolbar just enter screenshot and then hit Tab to see a prompt for what’s next.

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