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Dublin UX Meetup with John Craddock

CSS Architecture

The Dublin UX Meetup group is a fantastic resource for anyone working in interaction design. Last week, they played host to Dr. John Craddock – Head of Development…

Firefox logo

Creating Screenshots in Firefox

Since Firefox 16, you can easily take full page screenshots of your active web page. This means no more cropping the edges out in Photoshop or using third…

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Digital Marketing Toolbox

Here is a collection of some of the tools and techniques I have come across for monitoring and managing your online presence, from technical statistics to sentiment analysis….

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The Dark Side of Monitoring and Measurement

There are several ways that unscrupulous companies or digital agencies can immorally obtain or misrepresent information about online engagement. These methods include misrepresentation of their audience or fans…


Visualising Website Traffic

Following on from my previous post on the many ways in which website traffic data is collected, comes the issue of what to do with that information. Website…


How Website Usage is Tracked

As discussed in the last post on the collection of website usage statistics, reviewing website usage statistics is one of the most important tasks for a digital marketer….

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Collecting Website Usage Information

Get the habit of analysis – analysis will in time enable synthesis to become your habit of mind. Frank Lloyd Wright One of the most powerful items in…

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Backing Up Content on Social Media

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and Facebook or Twitter had deleted your accounts? Every single post, picture, interaction and conversation…gone. Do you have…

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SOPA: what’s it all about?

The denizens of the Internet have been shaken out of their reveries today, as major players close up shop in protest of the proposed US Stop Online Piracy…

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What is Cloud Computing?

There is a lot of controversy and confusion at the moment over the term “cloud computing”. I have attempted to break it down in a simple way so…