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Gammy Christmas Jumpers

Buy Irish Design this Christmas

To hell with the recession doom and gloom! The economic crisis is a great time for small scale producers, designers and startups to go into business, with lower costs for materials and rent. In the last couple of years, cottage industry has come on in leaps and bounds with new designers invigorating the market place […]

Design Week Logo 2011

Design Week 2011

Design Week is back and is more regional than ever. It is also very prominently sponsored by Crown Paints. This year’s event comes in the wake of Dublin’s (sadly unsuccessful) bid for World Design Capital 2014, with the design-fancying masses nicely warmed up by the hard work of the Pivot Dublin team. Events this year […]

Culture Night 2011

Top Picks for Culture Night 2011

Ireland’s Culture Night is back again, when cultural institutions up and down the country open their doors to the public, free of charge. Organised by the Temple Bar Cultural Trust, this year’s event includes a massive list of participating cultural institutions. Culture Night has become a sensational success, allowing members of the general public to […]


Blog 2.0

Welcome to the new home of The Blog Formerly Known as I Saw Design. This blog will continue to look at product design and accessibility mostly, with a smattering of interaction design and graphic stuff. I also hope to cover more Dublin and Ireland design events. Basically whatever catches my eye.   Web design, technology […]

The Move Online

The internet has changed the way people think about business and marketing. A new wave of entrepreneurs has revolutionised the way we communicate, find information and trade, and all in a relatively short period of time. Customers have come to expect that information about products and services can be found with ease and the onus […]

Rose arbour image via nan_hann, Flickr

A Different Kind of Green Design – Accessible Gardens

As the spring weather begins to draw people outside more and more, the question of accessible garden design emerges. There are plenty of specifications and technical guides available for garden design for people with mobility impairments; providing information on the material and width of pathways etc. However, there is a lack of advice on how […]

Graffiti image of a meeting, image via clagnut, Flickr

Where to Find Accessible Design Guidelines

For designers who are actually interested in conforming to agreed standards of excellence on accessible information and universal design, it can often be difficult to find the relevant information and guidelines. Below are some samples of where to begin finding information on how to design your product, building, website or printed information, for all: Web […]

Cyclist image via ell brown, Flickr

Designing Awareness

Transport for London launched a very interesting road safety campaign in 2008. The campaign is focused on safety for cyclists and consists of a number of “Awareness Test” videos, all imbued with the tagline “It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for”. A very interesting idea and a novel way to encourage people to […]

Chair and table set which appear to spill intestines

Oops Design Awards

I came across these irreverent design awards today which claim to be the first design awards to highlight “Ugly”, “Silly” and “Useless” products. While bound to make you laugh, it does broach the question: Is ugly design necessarily bad design? First of all what is ugly design? While some purists (William Morris) would argue that […]

Ignite Dublin logo

Design Week 2009…IxDA presents DEFUSE

Q: What do broken pavements, skangers and Nordic Walking Poles all have in common? A: These items all featured heavily in the DEFUSE (Design for Use) night hosted by the IxDA as part of Design Week. An example of the wide spectrum of design thinking in Ireland today and one of the highlights of this […]