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Clarifying business goals

Simon Sinek: Start With Why

This inspiring TedxPugetSound talk from Simon Sinek implores us to examine not just the things we do but why we do it. Sinek’s hypothesis is that great designers,…

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The Rules of Measurement

Digital measurement tools provide a wealth of useful statistical and analytical information about how, when and where customers interact and engage with your brand online. The previous article…

Marketing Hype versus Measurable Results

Marketing departments have long had a ill-deserved reputation for being spoofers; making outrageous claims, embellishing a product descriptions and claiming every increase in sales figures in a bid…

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Digital Marketing Toolbox

Here is a collection of some of the tools and techniques I have come across for monitoring and managing your online presence, from technical statistics to sentiment analysis….

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The Dark Side of Monitoring and Measurement

There are several ways that unscrupulous companies or digital agencies can immorally obtain or misrepresent information about online engagement. These methods include misrepresentation of their audience or fans…

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How to Monitor Your Online Presence

Monitoring what is being said online, both by you and by others is the only reliable way of keeping your content relevant and interesting to your customers. A…


Visualising Website Traffic

Following on from my previous post on the many ways in which website traffic data is collected, comes the issue of what to do with that information. Website…


How Website Usage is Tracked

As discussed in the last post on the collection of website usage statistics, reviewing website usage statistics is one of the most important tasks for a digital marketer….

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Collecting Website Usage Information

Get the habit of analysis – analysis will in time enable synthesis to become your habit of mind. Frank Lloyd Wright One of the most powerful items in…

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Measuring Value

Not all success needs to be measureable. Something that we discussed recently in the NCI Digital Marketing class was of an expensive display advertising campaign on a popular…