Performance Tracking Solutions



Performance Tracking Solutions is a health club management software company owned by Kevin O’Sullivan.


Kevin needed a combination of a corporate website for Performance Tracking Solutions and a working demo site for his partnering fitness app, My Fitness Buddy.


  • Targetting a very corporate audience.
  • Website would be used as a sales tool, so needed to be able to quickly make changes to the site as different opportunities arose.


  • As this website was for a new company, we workshopped their website and sales goals to ensure that we all agreed what they wanted to achieve and how success would be measured.
  • Created a responsive website that would allow Kevin to demonstrate and explain his system while out of the office.
  • Created simple calls to action and “Register your interest” functionality that allowed Kevin to maximise any potential leads or contacts.
  • Built the site using a user-friendly content management system allowing Kevin to easily update content without extensive training or support.
  • Content was extremely important on this project: we went through a lot of iterations to get attention-grabbing content that would quickly explain the benefits of a complicated system to potential B2B customers.

Visit the Performance Tracking Solutions website.

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