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Gammy Christmas Jumpers

Buy Irish Design this Christmas

To hell with the recession doom and gloom! The economic crisis is a great time for small scale producers, designers and startups to go into business, with lower costs for materials and rent. In the last couple of years, cottage industry has come on in leaps and bounds with new designers invigorating the market place all around the country. Like… Read more →

Design Week Logo 2011

Design Week 2011

Design Week is back and is more regional than ever. It is also very prominently sponsored by Crown Paints. This year’s event comes in the wake of Dublin’s (sadly unsuccessful) bid for World Design Capital 2014, with the design-fancying masses nicely warmed up by the hard work of the Pivot Dublin team. Events this year include exhibitions, pecha kucha style… Read more →

Culture Night 2011

Top Picks for Culture Night 2011

Ireland’s Culture Night is back again, when cultural institutions up and down the country open their doors to the public, free of charge. Organised by the Temple Bar Cultural Trust, this year’s event includes a massive list of participating cultural institutions. Culture Night has become a sensational success, allowing members of the general public to celebrate art, design, architecture and… Read more →

Irish Design Week 2009 logo

Design Week 2009

Ireland’s Design Week 2009 begins this November (in and around the 2nd-8th), with events in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Kilkenny, Louth, Waterford and Tullamore. The week will showcase the best of Irish design and provide a valuable forum for discussion on design and how it benefits the larger community. Of particular interest is the 24 Hour Universal Design Challenge, hosted by… Read more →

Centre for Excellence in Universal Design logo

Universal Design

Universal Design is a revolutionary approach to designing products, media and spaces. Unlike the Design for Disability approach, where the focus is on making a limited range of products more accessible to people with a limited range of abilities, Universal Design endeavours to take the abilities of all likely users into account from the very beginning of the design process,… Read more →